The 100 Point Cyber Check TM

Managing cyber risks is important for many reasons: aside from the direct losses incurred through cyber attacks, the Privacy Act 1988 in Australia and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes severe penalties on companies that are not compliant.

The only way to understand your cyber risks is measuring and monitoring them over time. Created by a panel of world experts in cybersecurity, the 100 Point Cyber Check TM provides an easy, reliable way to diagnose cyber problems from a legal, regulatory, business operations and technical perspective.

Once you complete the 100 Point Cyber Check TM, we will provide you with a diagnosis and referral to remedy any deficiencies in your cyber security programme through our extensive range of solution partners.

Are you worried about being hacked? How do you know your cyber strengths and weaknesses? The 100 Point Cyber Check allows you to gauge how well your defences stack up. Take the 100 Point Cyber Check today for only $99.

The Cyber Attitude Test - Basic (CAT-B) TM

Employers are often seeking cyber employees who don't just have good technical skills - they are looking for the right attitude. We've sifted through thousands of cyber job ads, and created a simple test to determine whether you have the right attitude to work as a cybersecurity professional. Imagine - someone could have great hacking skills, but will they have a "black hat" or a "white hat" attitude? Take the CAT-B today to find out!